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Positive Behavior Intervention and Support

Valley View BEST Expectations:  CONDUCT ON CAMPUS

PBIS 2019 Update.docx (DOCX)

Click for the school's expectations of behavior:  PBIS Schoolwide Behavior Expectations.docx (DOCX)

Click for how behaviors are handled in the classroom vs Office:  Valley View Office vs.Classroom Matrix.docx (DOCX)

Click here for basic description: VVMS PBIS Description.docx (DOCX)




Classroom                              Be SafeFollow direction and safety procedures.  Keep walkways and aisles clear.  Respect personal space. Keep backpacks and   

                                                  purses under desks.

                                                  Be ResponsibleBe in seat quietly working when the final bell rings.     Bring all school supplies every day.

                                                  Be RespectfulActively listen to the designated speaker.     Raise your hand to leave your seat.     Treat others and their property

                                                                                  with respect.     Electronics off and stored.


P E Changing Area           Be Safe:  Shoes should be laced and secured to feet.     Immediately report all injuries.

                                             Be ResponsibleBring P E clothes daily.     Always lock valuables in the locker.     Bring paperwork to roll call number.

                                             Be Respectful:  Remember to take a pass when leaving the assigned area.     Treat others and their property with respect.


Learning Center               Be SafeWalk at all times.     Keep chairs flat on the floor.

                                              Be Responsible:  Bring pass when entering.     Bring all needed materials to complete work.

                                              Be Respectful:  Work quietly (whispering in groups).     Be mindful of those testing.


                                              Be SafeKeep backpacks out of traffic areas.  Follow direction and safety procedures.     Respect personal space.

                                              Be Responsible:  Sign in.     Always bring an ID card.     Display ID card to use the internet.     Clean up after yourself. 

                                                Be RespectfulUse quiet voices.     Treat school property with respect.     Treat others and their property with respect.


Assemblies                            Be Safe:  Enter and sit quietly.     Wait for dismissal instructions.

                                                 Be Responsible:  Focus on presentation.     Enter and exit the chairs from the side aisles.

                                                 Be Respectful:  Listen.     Applaud appropriately.     Take off hats before entering.


Office                                         Be SafeKeep walkways clear.

                                                    Be Responsible:  Remember to sign in.

                                                   Be Respectful:  Use quiet voices.     Patiently wait for an adult to help you.     Use good manners.


Hallways                                 Be SafeWalk at all times.     Move to class on time.     Keep hands and feet to yourself.     Walk on the pavement.

                                                  Be Responsible:  Use drinking fountains appropriately.     Clean up after yourself.

                                                  Be RespectfulUse kind words and actions.     Treat school property with respect.


Bathrooms                            Be SafeWash hands.    Keep water in the sink.     Put towels in the garbage.

                                                 Be ResponsibleFlush.     Inform adults of vandalism.     Inform adults of inappropriate behavior.

                                                 Be RespectfulGive people privacy.


Bicycles/Walkways                    Be SafeWalk bikes safely on campus.     Wear helmets.     Secure bicycles.     No loitering.     Follow safety rules.

                                                        Be Responsible:  Touch others’ property only with permission.     Pick up litter.

                                                        Be RespectfulUse kind words and actions.     Respect property – yours and others’


Blacktop                            Be SafePlay for fun and with respect for others.     Report injuries and/or conflicts.     Follow directions of staff and parent patrol.

                                            Be ResponsibleKeep food/drink off the blacktop.     Stay in acceptable play areas.

                                            Be Respectful:  Play fairly and within the rules of each game.  Treat other students’ belongings with care.


Cafeteria                                Be SafeWalk at all times.     Enter and exit through correct doors.

                                                 Be ResponsibleWait patiently in line.     Report bullying to an adult.

                                                 Be RespectfulUse good manners.     Clean up after yourself and/or others.


Bus Riders                             Be SafeDo not block front doors.  Stay behind the yellow line.     Follow the driver’s instructions.

                                                Be Responsible:  Wait in line patiently.     No gum.     Pick up litter.

                         Be RespectfulUse kind words and actions.     Keep hands and feet to yourself.     Use quiet voice while inside