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Department Heads
Contact Jacques Casamajor  Jacques Casamajor (925) 682-8000 ex: 5048 7th Grade Core Teacher
Contact Madhavi Devineni  Madhavi Devineni (925) 682-8000 ex: 5042 8th Grade Math/Algebra Teacher - Department Chair
Contact Shauna Hawes  Shauna Hawes (925) 682-8000 ex: 5072 Computer Applications Teacher
Contact Laura Hill  Laura Hill (925) 682-8000 ex: 5053 6th Grade Core Teacher - Department Chair
Contact Amber Isherwood  Amber Isherwood (925) 682-8000 ex: 5023 Education Specialist (SH Program) - Department Chair
Contact Angela La Torre  Angela La Torre (925) 682-8000 ex: 5057 8th Grade US History Teacher - History Department Chair
Contact Amy Malan  Amy Malan (925) 682-8000 ex: 5026 Art Teacher



Valley View's staff is divided up into departments by subject level taught. For example, Core teachers are in both the English and the History departments. Each department has a department head, and that teacher disseminates information related to that department's curriculum. Department heads meet monthly with administrators.


California Math Standards

Click on each link to download a pdf of the standards for each grade.

Sixth Grade

Seventh Grade

Eighth through Twelfth grade


Department Head

Madhavi Devineni

925-682-8000 ext. 5042


California Science Standards

Click below to download a pdf of CA science standards for each grade:


Sixth grade

Seventh grade

Eighth grade


Department Head

Monique Tafoya

925-682-8000 ext. 5074



Language Arts

Check Accelerated Reader (AR) Progress

You can check your student's progress towards their AR goal by clicking on this link. Students were given log-in information at the beginning of the school year.


English Standards

Click on the link below for a pdf of Common Core State Standards in English/Language Arts.



Department Head

Laura Hill

925-682-8000 ext. 5053

Physical Education

Physical Education Make-Up Work

To make up the work missed the student must do one of the following for each day missed:


  • Collage with a Physical Education theme.
  • One page paper with a Physical Education theme.
  • One hour of physical activity, which needs to be written down and signed by parent/guardian

PE Clothes

Valley View Middle School PE shirts and shorts must be worn while students are in PE class.

Clothes can be purchased at the all-in-one registration on August 18th and will be distributed the first week of classes.

PE clothes are not to be worn outside of PE class at school.

Combination locks are also needed and can be purchased at the all-in-one or bought outside school. If you would like to use a lock other than the one sold at school, please wait to check with the PE teacher to find out which kind to purchase. Please make sure that your student knows the lock combination! It will save you the cost of a lock if it has to be cut off.

Extra Valley View PE Clothes and Sweats

Extra PE clothes, locks and sweats can be purchased directly from your PE teacher. Valley View sweats are optional. They are available in sizes from Youth Large to Adult XL.


Shirts: $8

Shorts: $12

Locks: $5

Sweatshirt: $20

Sweatpants: $15

Checks should be made out to Valley View Middle School


California Physical Education Standards

Click here for a pdf of CA state PE standards for each grade.

Sixth grade

Seventh grade

Eighth grade

Department Head

John Nunan


                                    925-682-8000 ext. 5016                                   

School Electives

Electives include:

Art with Mrs. Malan

Computers and Advanced Computers with Mrs. Hawes

Coding and Computers with Mr. Hensley

Cadet Band, Chorus, Jazz Band, Strings, and Symphonic with Ms. Tharalsen

Spanish 1A, Spanish 1B, and Communications with Mrs. Enciso

History Drama and Performance Theater with Mr. Wolman

Fitness with Mr. Nunan

Leadership with Mrs. Ziegler

Yearbook with Mr. Nunan

Office TA

Classroom TA


Sixth Graders who are not already involved with music classes are scheduled for the rotation wheel, where they will change elective classes each quarter.


Department Head

Amy Malan

925-682-8000 ext. 5026