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Behavior Expectations

Valley View Behavior Expectations


Be Safe: Follow direction and safety procedures. Keep walkways and aisles clear. Respect personal space. Keep backpacks and purses under desks.

Be Responsible: Be in seat quietly working when the final bell rings. Bring all school supplies every day.

Be Respectful: Actively listen to the designated speaker. Raise your hand to leave your seat. Treat others and their property with respect. Electronics off and stored.


Be Safe: Shoes should be laced and secured to feet. Immediately report all injuries.

Be Responsible: Bring PE clothes daily. Always lock valuables in the locker. Bring paperwork to roll call number.

Be Respectful: Remember to take a pass when leaving the assigned area. Treat others and their property with respect.


Be Safe: Keep backpacks out of traffic areas. Follow direction and safety procedures. Respect personal space.

Be Responsible: Sign in. Always bring an ID card. Display ID card to use the internet. Clean up after yourself. 

Be Respectful: Use quiet voices. Treat school property with respect. Treat others and their property with respect.


Be Safe: Enter and sit quietly. Wait for dismissal instructions.

Be Responsible: Focus on presentation. Enter and exit the chairs from the side aisles.

Be Respectful: Listen. Applaud appropriately. Take off hats before entering.


Be Safe: Keep walkways clear.

Be Responsible: Remember to sign in.

Be Respectful: Use quiet voices. Patiently wait for an adult to help you. Use good manners.


Be Safe: Walk at all times. Move to class on time. Keep hands and feet to yourself. Walk on the pavement.

Be Responsible: Use drinking fountains appropriately. Clean up after yourself.

Be Respectful: Use kind words and actions. Treat school property with respect.


Be Safe: Wash hands. Keep water in the sink. Put towels in the garbage.                                      

Be Responsible: Flush. Inform adults of vandalism. Inform adults of inappropriate behavior.                                            

Be Respectful: Give people privacy.


Be Safe: Walk bikes safely on campus. Wear helmets. Secure bicycles. No loitering. Follow safety rules.

Be Responsible: Touch others’ property only with permission. Pick up litter.

Be Respectful: Use kind words and actions. Respect property – yours and others’.


Be Safe: Play for fun and with respect for others. Report injuries and/or conflicts. Follow directions of staff and parent patrol.

Be Responsible: Keep food/drink off the blacktop. Stay in acceptable play areas.

Be Respectful: Play fairly and within the rules of each game. Treat other students’ belongings with care.


Be Safe: Walk at all times. Enter and exit through correct doors.

Be Responsible: Wait patiently in line. Report bullying to an adult.

Be Respectful: Use good manners. Clean up after yourself and/or others.


Be Safe: Do not block front doors. Stay behind the yellow line. Follow the driver’s instructions.

Be Responsible: Wait in line patiently. No gum. Pick up litter.                

Be Respectful: Use kind words and actions. Keep hands and feet to yourself. Use quiet voice while inside.


Non-compliance with the below expectations will result in disciplinary consequences up to and including suspension/expulsion.