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About VVMS

School Vision:

Valley View Middle School has a safe and orderly environment conducive to learning; the environment promotes student success and staff support. The school climate provides all students with opportunities to explore a wide variety of subjects and activities that promote interest in lifelong learning and preparation for continued education. Valley View Middle School's staff expect students to behave safely, respectfully, and responsibly. Valley View Middle School stresses the development of a sense of personal worth and mutual respect for all students, staff, and community.

  • To provide a quality child-centered instructional program for all students.
  • To provide a safe, orderly, and positive setting for students and staff.
  • To promote mental and physical growth by encouraging respect for self and others.
  • To provide positive communication between school and home.
  • To incorporate into the total school program the unique developmental needs of the middle school child.
  • To prepare students for success in high school.